The Realms

The heart of commerce, trade, and society within the Lands, Rammool counts several millions as its citizens and all are safe within its Imperial embrace. A society which prides itself on discipline, dedication, and democratic ties, the Ramoolian Empire has existed for several centuries with its current political system intact. Several times Ramool has attempted to reach across the waters and claim the Telemor Cliffs for itself, but has been rebuffed every time. The Leviathan: the undisputed leader of the Ramool, will stop at nothing to claim the Cliffs.

Telemor Cliffs
Competitors to trade and commerce with the Ramoolian Empire and supporting a vast navy, the people of the Telemor Cliffs are dignified, proper, and aristocratic to a fault. The first and only people to develop a stable and economic navy that can survive and seas beyond the Realms, King Heinrich I was an adventurer and explorer who returned from the dangerous voyage with untold riches; enough to found a Kingdom and buy a divine right to rule to boot. Since then the Royal Family has commanded the Telemor Navy from atop the Locus Keep. The people of Telemor believe strongly in their Monarch’s right to rule and have developed technologies and cultures deliberately opposed to the more regimented Ramoolians. The Trade Embargo between the two nations is what keeps some Smugglers in business and is the source of much debate between the other leading nations of the Realms.

The only city of the southern continent to take place in Realms politics and trade, Kowa is a strange and exotic city nestled between the strange meeting place of the Twin Cowards. Sometimes called the Cradle of Civilization by historians, it is believed by geologists of the Realms that Kowa is where life as we know it began due to the fertile nature of the land. Indeed, Kowa’s agricultural export is massive and is enough to keep it a firm competitor with Ramool’s much more vast array of irrigation systems and farming techniques. Things just grow better here and, often, larger. Such is the nature of the people who live there who are grand in their clothes, ways, and stature. A Kowarian is identified by their bright and strange garb that is often far too light for the northern weather and a sense of incredulity at the seriousness of most Northerners.

Melechat, The Sunken City
His birthplace and the site of His final sighting, Melechat is a city-state turned catacomb. When He arrived He brought with him death and destruction and Melechat was His first victim. The city sank deep into the swamp that surrounded it and now all that remains of the nation are frogs and mosquitoes. There are some Lost that make their homes here, claiming that they are somehow drawn to the cursed place. A legend has begun to circulate that if you search hard enough in Melechat, any wish may be granted. Not enough visitors return with their sanity to corroborate the myth.

The tough and beautiful children of the North pride themselves on their firm removal from Realms politics, claiming that nothing is as important as the betterment of the self. A nation that was formed by a monastic order that celebrated centeredness above all things, Falhart is esoteric as snow and unyielding as ice. Their standing army is a force the be reckoned with and as such Ramool has yet to attempt an invasion of their close neighbor despite the abundance of metals that dwell in the mines that fall under Falhart’s jurisdiction. Led by their religious beliefs and a diverse Council, Falhart has and will survive for ages to come.

Sweed is what some would call an unfortunate nation. Stuck between the aggression of Ramool and Telemor and unable to garner aid from Falhart, Sweed has always attempted to stay neutral and remain out of trouble. The people of Sweed are often delicate and practical and make excellent diplomats. In fact, many of the nations surrounding the small country have employed many ambassadors from Sweed. The democratic nation elects its president once every five years and is full of people who want nothing more than to be left alone to live their regular boring lives, thank you very much.

Shanti’s Refuge
Shanti’s Refuge is a hub of exotic goods and the arts. It began as a house, a small house in the middle of the ocean owned by Shanti Fortenbras, the famous explorer. Being proud and not exactly the shy type, Shanti put the bounty of her travels up for display in her house in a museum. She barely even charged. However, that small sliver of a nothing turned into a fortune, and soon Shanti found that she had more money than she knew what to do with. She decided to build a bar next to her house, and then a stables, and then an inn because there were far too many drunks outside of her home that she knew what to do with. And so it went until, twenty years later now, Shanti’s Refuge is a homegrown civilization where adventure, fun, and the unknown are the only true exports. Less true exports include treasure brought back from said adventure, fun, and unknown; sold at a premium, of course. Shanti is still the unofficial mayor there, but it is in title alone, and she is still often out exploring the world.

The Realms

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