The Roamers

The Candlewick Company
Every once and a while someone will disappear with little or no trace. All that is consistent is a candle of varying color and size and a wick made from scraps of parchment. These vanishings are attributed, quietly, to the Candlewick Company: a group of tradesmen who bring exotic goods to all the lands. Any member of the Company would say that they are simple merchants seeking to do their duty, and most would be right. But it is the journey, that wonderful, endless journey, which is extraordinary. They are constantly seeking to swell their ranks and will offer adventurers odd jobs: protection, collection, and exploration. Whatever their secrets, their parcels are never late and, as their motto says: “We can get there by candle-light.”

Dead Eyes
An opposing group to the Stargazers, the Dead Eyes make it their mission to keep the people of the Realms concrete in the reality of their world. Despite their grim name, the Dead Eyes are a relatively cheerful folk. Many are performers of some kind, some even members of theater troupes. They focus on the here and now and deplore wishful thinking.

The Divine Order of Stargazers
A wandering group of deists who explore the world and its wonders in an effort to describe the universe above. Each member of the Order carries a telescope and spends some of their evening in meditative gazing. They believe that there is truth beyond the stars that is just out of reach. Due to their nature as travelers, many Lost make up the Order. As well they are recognized throughout the Realms as fair judiciaries and are licensed to act as magistrates if they are needed to. Other official offices such as weddings and legal action are under their purview as well.

Shanti’s People
There are a lot of odd jobs around the small island that the adventurer Shanti has decided to call home: caverns to explore, artifacts to be found, and problems to be solved. There are people who like to hang around Shanti and keep up with the news of the day and partake of her bar and hospitality; these people are Shanti’s People and they are often a fairly humble folk. Just don’t cross them and everything will be fine.


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