Sightblind Volcano

A silent giant of titanic strength, Sightblind is a composite volcano which has been dormant since it’s first eruption. The ash from that calamity is what caused the first green things to grow on this earth. While some hermits dare to live on its surface, very few are so brave as that. The crust of Sightblind steams with heat and strange creatures walk its crags. There are those who live near Sightblind who worship it as a deity, asleep for now, but restless for the time when its cyclopian eye will open once more and see destruction and rebirth for the whole world.

The Twin Cowards

These two rivers mark the departure of civilization in the southern continent. “Beyond the Cowards”, they say "lies something so wrong and evil that even rushing water cannot bear to face it. Practically, the Cowards present an interesting and, to many geologists, infuriating study. They are two rivers, wide as anything, fresh with salt from the Midterra Sea, which have the disturbing trait of curving up and against its natural current once the rivers reach a very specific location in the southern continent. Measurements have revealed no deviation of even the smallest fraction between the points of change between the Twins, and so the mystery continues.

The Strait of Eren

The closest distance between the northern and southern continent is at Eren’s strait; named after the great explorer and diplomat. Ironically, the Strait is now right at the center of the Ramool Empire, and no amount of diplomacy will change that. In order to pass the Strait, a merchant must pay a reasonable fee, and although there are smuggling operations to circumvent the toll, many do not end well. The most notable smuggler is Vint Longman and his crew of the Odyssey.

Goldwater Lake

Krio Lake

Hermit’s Swamp

Grimm’s Forest

Iron Desert


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