Dracus, The Immortal Beast
The Immortal Beast holds the sanctity of magic and secrets in its claws.

Nemus, The Proud Avenger
Warriors and assassins alike pray to the Avenger for a sure blade.

Petricles, The Stalwart Fool
The Fool guards the doors of luck, each bit of fortune is his mistake.

Crios, The Sorrowful King
The god of wisdom and law lost both his eyes and his kingdom on the same day.

Matrica, The Grieving Mother
The Goddess of birth and familial love, Matrica cares for the world in place of her lost children.

Jaina and Juno, The Lying Twins
The gods of art, mischief, and death, the twins stole the Kine’s scythe to keep their youth. The cost of their immortality was the Reaper’s burden.

Scorpio, The Arrogant Last
The last born of the gods, Scorpio is the god of wealth and finance.

Kine, The Watcher
What is Death without his raiment? Kine lies trapped in the Twin’s trickery and watches the world go by as he awaits the perfect moment of vengeance.

Aniselle, The Inconstant Virgin
The goddess of lust and lies is the constant companion of those who make their business after dark.

Mari, The Hungry Widow
After devouring her children, the goddess of gluttony and desire thought she would never want again. She was wrong.

Shaitan, The Harrying Goat
The god of spite and hatred, the Goat is worshiped by the eager.

Vox, The Gaping Door
What lies beyond the stars? Only Vox knows.


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