Alcoholics, tinctures, philters and nostrums


Violet Glass
A vodka distilled from grains which only grow near the caldera of Sightblind and filtered through volcanic rock. This process gives Violet the purple tint it is named for. In addition to the color, the filtration creates a smooth vodka which is better hot than chilled.

Starr Derived from sugarcane grown in Shanti’s Refuge, Starr has a sweet and colorful flavor that mixes well will fruits. It is through the unique distillation process that creates this and the lesser rums of the Realms which creates molasses.

Dog’s Hair
Whisky brewed from who-knows-what, it gives you a good hard slap in the face and then rewards your bravery with a headache cure. No one knows how it works, and it tastes like dog piss, but who’s complaining?

Reproduced by a desperate Lost, this vodka has caught on for its simplicity and clarity. Great with mixers.

A herbal concoction brewed from botanicals only found in the Hermit’s Swamp, Bogvat is dull green, sweet yet bitter with an oilslick sheen. Usually imbibed through a giant jug while sitting down out of necessity.

Made in a secret process involving column distillation, Genever is a gin made exclusively in the Telemor Cliffs from the juniper berries which grow there. While lesser distilleries have attempted to capture the taste and pallet of Genever by growing their own Juniper, none have quite matched the quality.


Brewed using only water from the Goldwater Lake, this pale yellow liqueur is tangy and sweet and promotes a cheerful mood long after imbibed.

Stargazer monks who dwell in the Halav Temple up in Fallhart make this creamy liqueur. Made from an infusion of nuts, cream, and a neutral spirit, the exact recipe is a secret held by the monks.

Sweedish Fruit Wine


Alcoholics, tinctures, philters and nostrums

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