Aallera Imin

A young Laitan warrior searching for adventure and a good fight




170 lbs

More muscular than the average Laitan, with tan skin, green eyes, short brown hair, and tall, curling horns

Refresh: 3

Physical Traits [-3]:
Extra Speed [-1]
Due to naturally strong legs, Laitans can run faster than most other races.
Keen Sense [-1]
Hearing is significantly stronger and can be directed by a flick of the ears.
Leap [-1]
Distance or height isn’t an issue; strong legs give Laitans the edge.
Social Disadvantage [+1]
Religion bans the augmentation of the body, making interactions with people who have strained. As well, those who have had previous bad experiences with a Laitan won’t be so happy to see another in their midst.
Natural Weapons [-1]
Large horns on top of the head can have lots of uses in a fight if used properly.

Fists – Good 3
Guns – Great 4
Athletics – Good 3
Endurance – Good 3
Alertness – Fair 2
Weapons – Great 4
Stealth – Fair 2
Deceit – Fair 2
Artillery – Average 1
Resolve – Average 1
Survival – Average 1
Leadership – Average 1
Intimidation – Average 1

Ready For Anything
Dirty Fighter
Anything Goes


High Concept: Adventurer-In-Training

Trouble: Enemy of the State

Background: Military Family
Raised the only daughter of a military officer and his wife, Aallera spent her earliest years on Laita before her father was transferred to the growing colony on its moon, Elene. While the city was relatively safe, it did have its share of shady individuals and neighborhoods. Due to that, and from Aallera’s tendency to get into fights she couldn’t win, her father took it upon himself to teach her to actually fight back. As well, he and her mother told her stories of their adventures on the differing colonies and on Laita, giving her dreams of exploring herself. Aallera was also raised in the traditional Laitan religion, and became a strong believer in the risks those with body augmentation posed to moral people.

Rising Conflict: Don’t Need a Voice to be a Badass
Unbeknownst to Aallera, her father was becoming viewed as a threat to the military elite due to his progressive stance on relatively small amount of elected officials in government. Deciding to take him out for good, his political enemies paid off a man to set fire to the house while he and his family were asleep inside. The night after Aallera turned 16, the man began the fire on the roof and lower levels of the house. It soon raged out of control, keeping Aallera from her parents and the smoke permanently damaging her vocal chords. It was a local gang who ended up saving her from the fire, as the military and police controlled by them looked on. Aallera spent about a year with the gang, healing as much as possible, and learning to fight dirty as only one on the streets can. But with nothing to tie her there anymore, Aallera stowed away on a ship as it took off for other systems.

First Adventure: Don’t Judge a Book By Its Fake Leg
Unfortunately, at this point, Aallera’s stealth skills aren’t that great, and she is discovered a few days into the journey by the crew. Rather than tossing her out the airlock, they set her to work cleaning the ship and cooking for them until they get to their first stop. However, one crew member, a human man, was covered in tattoos, which pushed Aallera’s religious beliefs about body augmentation. She was incredibly wary, distrustful, and even almost hateful to him. It was only a matter of time before she snapped; while cleaning dishes, the man managed to come up behind her and surprise her, causing her to attack him. He easily held her off, being a good six inches taller than her and very strong, the the incident was enough for the crew to throw Aallera into the brig until landing on the planet and letting her go. Before they do that, though, a transmission is recieved soon after landing of a wanted poster for Aallera; the enemies of her father have realized she is still alive and have put a bounty on her head, calling her dangerous and unpredictable. The crew, believing the transmission, plan to return Aallera to the Laitan authorities, but she escapes the brig after overhearing it. The escape goes well until she runs into a familiar face; the man with the tattoos. She expects to be captured and turned in. Instead, he steps aside and lets her escape, stating that he knows she isn’t a true threat, neither to him nor the government. She escapes onto the planet, now questioning whether all those who do augment their bodies are really all that bad.

Guest Star: Trouble Comes From Rash Heads
In a city in the Aldaroc system, Aallera wandered the crowds, bored and currently without an adventure. There were tons of people, mostly shuffling about, except for two people, one of whom bumped roughly into her, making her lose her balance for a second and stumble. She called out to the man who bumped her, demanding an apology, but he ignored her, seemingly chasing after another man. Not going to take no for an answer, Aallera swung her fist hard into his head, sending him spinning. Another punch and a kick, and he was out, lying on the ground. Looking up, she noticed the man he had been watching, as well as an increasing presence of military police. Well, shit. It was time to leave. No sooner had she turned to go than that man grabbed her arm and pulls him after her, promising to help her escape. With little other options, Aallera followed him, walking quickly, and after being disguised and given directions to a way off-planet, was sent on her merry way.

Guest Star Redux: Keen Eye For Butt-Whoop
One day, Aallera decided to spend some time in a gym, training and building her physical skills. It is there that she meets an Aldari sparring partner, who, even after rounds of incredibly fast and tough hand-to-hand battle, still won’t go down. She’s exhausted, and she saw that he was exhausted as well. While tempted to push herself into going at him again, she realized the futility of such an action and instead agreed with his observation that they are equally matched. They parted ways, Aallera swearing to better her skills and fight him again, this time to truly defeat him.

Laitan Racial Aspects
Can’t Hide the Horns
Legs That Kick Ass

Homeworld Aspect (Laita)
Change the Body, Change the Spirit

Current Ship:
The Dusty Vintage

Aallera Imin

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