Laitans are a satyr-esque race that exhibit highly recognizable features such as their unique leg structure and animalistic facial features. They inhabit the Ziya system.
The skin of a Laitan is considered similar to a humans, although Laitans are often hairier. Their skin tones range from the darkest of browns to a light tan, and children display light colored spots on their extremities until sexual maturity in their adolescence. Hair color usually consists of differing shades and tones of brown, although black sometimes appears and a rare blonde is born. The eyes are wide, colors usually coming in browns, greens, and hazels, and are set in a flat face with a nose like a deers. Ears are elongated out to either side, and can flick 180 degrees in either direction to focus in on sounds. Every Laitan carries a set of horns on their head, which can be of nearly any size and shape. Examples resemble gazelles, goats, sheep, and sometimes even rhinos. The torso is humanoid, while the legs are like the back legs of most quadruped animals; that is, they walk on three “toes” rather than on flat feet. Females are on average 5’9" and about 150 lbs., while males often exceed 6’2" and 210 lbs. They rarely eat meat and focus more on vegetation, fruit, grains, and legumes.

Society is fairly diverse for Laitans depending on their background and where they live. However, while economic class varies, generally all Laitans believe that they are all equal, no matter what. The unifying factor between all the Laitans is their religion. It is very rare to find a Laitan who doesn’t follow this religion even to the smallest degree. Because body augmentation is heavily frowned upon in the religion, the use of prosthetics, tattooing, and genetic manipulation is banned in society (although there is some debate on the subject of genetic manipulation before birth versus after birth).

Racial Traits [-1]:
Extra Speed [-1]
Due to naturally strong legs, Laitans can run faster than most other races.
Keen Sense [-1]
Hearing is significantly stronger and can be directed by a flick of the ears.
Leap [-1]
Distance or height isn’t an issue; strong legs give Laitans the edge.
Social Disadvantage [+1]
Religion bans the augmentation of the body, making interactions with people who have strained. As well, those who have had previous bad experiences with a Laitan won’t be so happy to see another in their midst.

Typical Laitan Aspects:
Can’t Hide the Horns
Legs That Kick Ass
Religious Fanaticism
Home is Where the Soul Lives
You Don’t Mess With the Military
Diverse But Equal (Within Limits)


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