Enth Bann

An ex-Aldari assassin, cautiously on the run




145 lbs

Classic Lower-Class Aldari build, four arms with increasing toughness towards the extremities.

Refresh: 1

Physical Traits [-1]:
Four Arms [-1]
The species naturally has four arms that it can use for various purposes.
Tough to Crack, Easy to Spill [ 0]
Aldari receive natural bonuses to toughness and damage resistance on their extremities, but suffer penalties closer to the torso.
Healing Restriction [+2]
Due to their origins, the species suffers from a reduced ability for their wounds to heal, thanks to the limited genetics involved in their founding.
Spitting Acid [-2]
Sacks of acid added to Enth’s hands have tubes that allow him to shoot a blast of acid at opponents through his fingertips, this acid is self-replicating and will sometimes discharge on its own if not excreted regularly, but careful control of these secretions enables other uses for the acid.

Stealth – Great
Fists – Good
Weapons – Good
Guns – Good
Athletics- Fair
Pilot – Fair
Alertness – Fair
Resolve- Average
Survival – Average
Endurance- Average
Contacting – Average
Deceit – Average
Sleight of Hand – Average
Systems – Average

Clever Disguise
Sharp Eyes
Shadowed Strike
Stay on Target
Still Standing


High Concept: Biologically Altered Assassin

Trouble: Collective Renegade

Background: You Won’t Like Me When I’m Emotional
Enth knows little of his background before the military, he knows only that he was born on Turmoro and very young when they took him, though he was the light of his family’s life, figuring things out quickly for a child his age.
His life in the military was much rougher. He received a number of modifications to his body both inside and outside to make him more durable than his kin and he learned that the government was the only constant truth, the one true force for good and they were the only ones that could be wholly trusted. He forgot about his family. His biologically-altered brothers and sisters were his family. As he excelled in the training that took place in the sharp, jagged peaks and valleys of Nomor he was selected for further modifications and training, this time primarily upon the moons that orbited those planets, which moon he was on at what time, he did not know, days and nights blurred together he was inside buildings for so long, learning everything he needed for his new trade in service of his government, assassination.

Rising Conflict: I’m Just Another Face
Enth got his first job a little before he reached the recognized age of adulthood. The target was the leader of a group of miners on the gas giant Orall who had been threatening to stop working unless certain conditions were fixed. Enth was told that unless his government had access to those minerals, his brothers and sisters elsewhere in the galaxy would be at risk and likely perish in the line of duty. Enth executed the assassination as required, heavily injuring and mortally wounding several other miners on his way, zealously dealing with them without mercy. He did not escape without injury, however and soon learned his lesson when, upon returning to base, his training continued without a chance for him to recover and he knew to never again allow himself to get injured. His zealousness was also treated by his handlers at this time, curbing his berserker tendencies and giving him more control. The next job went more smoothly and soon they began to blur together, upper class members who opposed the government, lower class individuals who dared to speak out, upper class members who treated the lower class as equals and aided them on the planet, he had a hand in all of them so to speak. He got so good that they sent him on an important assignment to another system, a member of a different species, with new values and concepts that were unfamiliar to him until this day, fairness for all species regardless of size or might or appearance, opportunities for everybody, the concept of free will. One particularly eloquent blind insectoid made a strong impression on his mind and as he returned to Aldaroc he decided to search for some answers.

The Story: High-Class Hatred
Enth began looking in his spare time for details about what was actually going on, looking over sites on the net and searching through government files with his extremely limited access, trying to make it look as if he was just looking at target information. Soon a target came along that was exactly who he needed, a government disinformation agent who’d gained a cult-like following on the net through sites Enth himself had visited. When he moved to complete the job he teamed up with the agent instead and the two of them managed to gather the evidence Enth was looking for, angered at what his government and the upper class had been doing and the secrets discovered therein they fled, vanishing from the system on a transport headed far away.

Guest Star: Patience of a Hunter
It was a gala night – a fund raiser for nefarious genetics research, with the greatest minds of the planet all gathered together. Enth was there, too, though outside, and on the rooftop of a different building. He wasn’t really there to party so much, though he certainly would cause the most excitement! His target was the head of R&D, who would – at some point – present herself in front of a wide window. The hours passed wearily, and she didn’t appear, until the final dance was played – then she appeared, in the arms of a Laitan. The shot presented itself, and he fired. The Laitan pranced off without a glance. The job was done.

Guest Star Redux: Always Act with Caution
While travelling in Pendulum, Enth encountered an insectoid that looked rather familiar, however it was reacting somewhat nervously to every loud sound. Enth cautiously placed two of his arms on his weapons. In fear the creature screeched and leaped out the window, delaying Enth’s train, but fortunately not severely.

Aldari Racial Aspects:
Do it Quickly, Do it Well

Homeworld Aspect (Nomor):
If the Cliffs Don’t Get You, the Predators Will

Current Ship:
Rich Archaeologist
Ship’s Pilot and target assassin.

Enth was born on a volcanic world to a low-class family. He never knew anything about them because as an infant he was taken as tribute by the ruling upper-class to become a member of their military. He underwent standard biological alterations for the army before being sent to training camps on the jagged world of Nomor. There he grew fond of his fellow soldiers, though always within the confines of the system. After a couple of years he developed a talent for sneaking in the nests of the massive flying predators that inhabited the planet and stealing their eggs as a part of the weekly foraging process that the soldiers were forced to endure. He became so skilled that he attracted the attention of the special ops division and was approached for a new position. Eager to serve as his programmed mind was, Enth jumped at the offer and underwent further biological alterations and specialized training to become an assassin. Soon he was given his first job, which he carried out as instructed, but not without injury, rushing in to prove his worth and sustaining a deep injury in the process. On his return however, training did not let up and in fact became harder, pushing him to the breaking point. Enth realized that if he really wanted to prove how worthwhile he was, he would have to keep himself under control and do exactly what he was supposed to. Years of training, assassinations and indoctrination passed until Enth was deemed worthy to travel out of system. He found and killed the target exactly as he was supposed to, but on his journey he met a figure who told him something of the reality of life and it struck home enough that Enth began to question his blind belief of authority. He was swiftly called back for another task and was sent to kill Allister, a figure who was sponsored by the government but hadn’t covered his online trace and was discovered to be linked to a number of places, making him widely believed to be a saviour of some kind. When Enth came upon him, he paused long enough for something on the screens to catch his attention and together he and Allister discovered some of the hidden truths about the government and three of its members in particular. Knowing their searches had been traced, they both fled the system. But Enth received a transmission of screams and a voice telling him that unless he turned around his family would be killed for his defiance. Enth never stalled. They would be sacrificed for the greater good. Though he hoped maybe his real family in the military would understand. They weren’t on the run for long before they began to run into difficulties, desperate for a way to travel and stay hidden, Enth and Allister accepted positions upon Emphra Lat’s ship, the Dusty Vintage. Adventures occurred. Slowly Enth grew to trust some others, especially with Allister’s sudden capture. He longs to end this with the Aldari High Command but has also grown suspicious of other characters, Emphra Lat in particular. He trusts the crew, they’ve become his squadron, a group he will fight with and trust implicitly. Most recently while aboard the pirate ship, Enth felt more free than he has in a long time. His piloting the space ship was one of the few times he felt free and now with the wind and the surf, Enth’s new experiences drove him to soak everything up. He always enjoyed learning new skills and sought out anyone who would teach him new skills relevant to this world. While hauling himself through the rigging, Enth went from carefully pulling himself up through the rigging, arm by arm to chasing after one of the kobolds, slipping and nearly falling, but catching himself by a single hand. The kobold leaned over with a grin on its face and pulled out a knife, prying Enth’s fingers loose until he was falling to the ground, the kobold scuttling away. Not one to give up so lightly, Enth grabbed hold of the rigging and, using all four of his arms, began to fly through the rigging, hauling himself arm over arm until he was right underneath the kobold and chased him to just below the crow’s nest, dangling him by the ankle while hanging on himself. Desperate to get back, the kobold promised he’d teach him how to scour the shoreline. Curious to learn more, Enth obliged, careful not to hurt him. They climbed into the crow’s nest with the lookout and began to scan, Enth noticing little until little details and tricks were pointed out to him by the kobold, explaining their meaning, the lookout chiming in from time to time. From their vantage point high above, Enth suddenly noticed, with the eyes newly opened, a shallow rock in the water, dead ahead, they cried out to the captain and Enth slid himself down, explaining the danger, just in time. As the watched the captain turn, the old sailor gave a chuckle and asked Enth if he was curious. Ever eager, Enth said yes and soon he was standing with his arms at the helm, using terms that confused and amused the goliath until he made the connection to space piloting with a new way of thinking and a new interpretation, leading to thoughts of applications of these options in space.

Enth Bann

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